Gypsy Vardo

Gypsy Waggon

To view photos of my home-made vardo, click here


Ananda said...
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Ananda said...

In the 1980's I consummated a long-time dream vision by building the vardo that you will see in these photos. Our (my wife and I) intention was to hook it up to a team of horses and travel the country in it which - alas - never occurred. We lived an adventurous life nonetheless, and it served over the years as a guest-room, and as an iconic presence in town - so people say. (Something about a 'gypsy waggon' that sparks a muse in many folks.) Now, as I'm on my own again after years of beautiful family-life, it has become my prime residence - I love it for its simplicity, it's like living on a boat and I have all I need to satisfy my comforts. Maybe someday it will find its horses. Ananda