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Smurfananda said...

Loved your book. It was a flashback to my own ten year journey. Although my route was different, we were both in Nepal in 1978 and both ended up in Marin.
I began in Amsterdam in 1968 where I lived between there and Copenhagen for 5 years. There was a regular caravan of hippies traveling overland back and forth to India. I worked in the clubs and made clothing to sell from discarded fabrics. We squatted in houses for free and paid nothing for utilities. Many stories if I could remember them!
The overland caravan could be dangerous for women so I opted to fly to Thailand with a German woman I hardly knew. We travelled third class trains and busses down to Bali and back over a year.
I split to Nepal where I made my home for 4 years and had a baby girl. Studied Tibetan Tangka painting and Buddhism. I lived in Bodhinath with a geezer named Dharma Dan. A situation came up which forced my one year old daughter and I to abruptly leave with the last money we had.
We got stck in Bangkok with not enough money to buy airline tickets because the DC10s had been grounded. Luckily ran into a friend on the streets who gave me the money I needed to fly home.
After so many years away, I had no connections back here other than my family in SoCal. One friend from Nepal settled into Mill Valley and we shared a flat.
35 years later ... Still loving this part of the in Petaluma. I'm still connected to many of those people I met on the trail.....happy you could put your story into words. Peace ✌️